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In the case of an application for an initial franchise or for a renewal franchise that is not governed by the formal renewal provisions of the Cable Act:

a. The City may advertise for additional applicants and issue a request for proposals (hereinafter “RFP”).

b. The City may give public notice when it receives a properly completed franchise proposal. After receiving a proposal that contains the required information, the City may schedule a meeting or meetings to determine whether a franchise should be granted. In making this determination, the City may consider:

1. The extent to which an applicant for renewal has substantially complied with the applicable law and the material terms of any existing cable franchise for Clearlake;

2. Whether the applicant for renewal’s quality of service under its existing franchise, including signal quality, response to customer complaints, billing practices, and the like has been reasonable in light of the needs of the community;

3. Where the applicant has not previously held a franchise for Clearlake, whether the applicant’s record in other communities indicates that it can be relied upon to provide high-quality service throughout any franchise term;

4. Whether the applicant has the financial, legal, and technical ability to provide the services, facilities, and equipment set forth in a proposal satisfying any minimum requirements established by the City;

5. Whether the applicant’s application is reasonable to meet the future cable-related needs and interests of Clearlake and Clearlake Hills Township, taking into account the cost of meeting such needs and in light of the requirements established by the City; and

6. Whether issuance of a franchise is warranted in the public interest considering the immediate and future effect on streets, public property, and private property that will be used by the applicant’s cable system, including the extent to which installation or maintenance as planned would require replacement of property, involve disruption of property or public services, or interfere with the use of streets or public property; the effect of granting the franchise on the ability of the proposed cable service to meet the cable-related needs and interests of the community, including PEG access channel capacity, facilities, and financial support; and whether the applicant has the financial, technical, and legal qualifications to provide the proposed cable service.

c. The City need not review any proposal that does not include information required by this Ordinance. (Ord. #80-97, S6)