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a. Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection 14-5.6 below, any person receiving a Notice of Violation may appeal the determination of the Director to the Council. The notice of appeal must be received by the City Clerk within ten (10) days of the delivery of the Notice of Violation.

b. An appeal shall be accompanied by a written statement setting forth the grounds upon which the appellant asserts there was an error by the Director.

c. The Council shall hear the appeal. At the time and place set for the appeal, the Council shall proceed to hear the testimony of the Director, his/her assistants or deputies, the testimony of the appellant or his/her representatives, and the testimony of other competent persons concerning the conditions constituting the violation, and other matters which the Council may deem pertinent. Any person affected may be present at such hearing, may be represented by counsel, may present testimony, and may cross-examine the Director, and other witnesses. The hearing may be continued from time to time. The Council shall render a written decision thereon, which decision shall be final. (Ord. #2006-126, S14.290)