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a. Commercial Cannabis Uses. For purposes of this article, commercial cannabis uses shall include the following land use classifications, all of which are further defined in Section 18-6.1 (Definitions):

1. Commercial cannabis cultivation;

2. Cannabis manufacturer;

3. Cannabis distributor;

4. Cannabis testing laboratory;

5. Cannabis nursery;

6. Cannabis processor;

7. Cannabis microbusiness.

Commercial cannabis uses are subject to the following provisions as set forth in this article, all other applicable provisions in the Zoning Code, and any applicable State licensing requirements. It is unlawful for any person to operate a commercial cannabis business in the City without obtaining a use permit to operate. The City may suspend, revoke, or deny a zoning clearance or permit upon denial or revocation of a State cannabis license.

b. Where Allowed. The commercial cannabis uses that are subject to the standards of this article shall be located in compliance with the requirements of Article 18-3, the CB combining zone district, and the additional specific locational requirements for each use as follows:

1. Commercial cannabis cultivation is allowed only in the CB zones when all cultivation activities are conducted entirely inside a building utilizing no natural light, or in a hybrid greenhouse east of State Route 53 in CB zones.

2. Cannabis manufacturer is allowed in all CB zones; however, a manufacturer shall only use processes for extracting or processing cannabis products after consultation, review and approval of the manufacturing process by the Lake County Fire Protection District Chief or designee.

3. Cannabis distributor is allowed in all CB zones.

4. Cannabis testing laboratory is allowed in all CB zones.

5. Cannabis nursery utilizing a hybrid greenhouse is allowed in the CB zones east of State Route 53 only. A cannabis nursery functioning completely indoors within a building utilizing no natural light and not a hybrid greenhouse is allowed in all CB zones, except the RP base zone west of State Route 53.

6. Cannabis processor is allowed in all CB zones.

7. Cannabis microbusiness is allowed, but is limited to the same locations where cannabis dispensaries are allowed, and after approval of a development agreement and use permit specific to the location of the microbusiness.

c. Cannabis Business Use Permit.

1. Prior to, or concurrently with, application for a cannabis business regulatory permit, the applicant shall process and be issued a cannabis business use permit as required by this article and Article 18-3. Information that may be duplicative in the two (2) applications can be incorporated by reference. The cannabis business use permit shall run with the regulatory permit and not the land.

2. No cannabis business use permit shall be issued until either the City Council approves a development agreement for the site, a license agreement for the site, or until after the effective date of an approved ballot measure authorizing the taxation of commercial cannabis businesses in the City.

d. Development Standards. The standards for cannabis uses in this article supplement and are required in addition to those general building and development standards as required by Code. (Ord. #229-2019, § 4 (Exh. A))