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a. A cannabis business premises permitted under this article shall not be located within six hundred (600') feet of a youth-oriented facility, licensed pre-school, or post-secondary educational facility. This setback shall be measured in a straight line from the boundary line of the property on which the cannabis business is located nearest to the boundary of the property on which the building or structure, or portion of the building or structure, in which the above listed use occurs or is located; however, that if the State adopts a different method of calculating distance for purposes of setbacks, State law shall control. The City Council may waive all or part of this requirement if it determines that the proximity does not constitute a risk to public health or safety as it relates to anything other than a K-12 public or private school or a youth center.

b. When considering the compatibility of a cannabis business with the uses of adjacent property, the Planning Commission shall condition the use permit with appropriate setbacks and/or buffering techniques such as fencing, walls, berms or landscaping to mitigate any potential conflicts between cannabis business uses and the use of adjacent property. (Ord. #229-2019, § 4 (Exh. A))