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a. The siting of transmission lines (50 K.V. and over) shall avoid interfering with scenic views to the greatest extent possible, taking into account the design and size of the transmission towers, the nature of the landscape, and the placement of the transmission towers in the landscape. New high voltage transmission facilities (50 K.V. lines and above) shall not be sited along a foreground view (up to 1/4 to 1/2 mile) of existing and potential State, County or City scenic highways as designated in the City General Plan, designated residential areas or major resorts unless no feasible alternatives exist. In situations where no feasible alternatives exist, undergrounding or other visual mitigation measures shall be imposed.

b. Grading and cut/fill shall be kept to a minimum and shall be prohibited whenever such activities will have an adverse impact of the scenic resources of the State highway.

c. Any exposed slopes resulting from grading shall be stabilized by plantings of compatible vegetation. (Ord. #04-87, § 3.406)