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The average number of dwelling units per net area shall not exceed the density allowed by the base zone and as otherwise allowed by Section 18-5.2 (density bonus) and subsection 18-5.702, Preservation of Native Vegetation, unless the applicant can demonstrate that additional usable common open space beyond the five (5%) percent requirement can be achieved.

a. Net Usable Open Space:

1. Six (6%) to ten (10%) percent: Six (6%) percent density bonus.

2. Eleven (11%) to twenty (20%) percent: Ten (10%) percent density bonus.

3. Twenty-one (21%) to twenty-five (25%) percent: Sixteen (16%) percent density bonus.

4. Over twenty-five (25%) percent: Twenty (20%) percent density bonus.

b. Usable common open space is those portions of the project site which are suitable for common use by the residents of the development. This open space shall not include front and street side yard areas, parking areas, private patios, building separations, and storage areas. (Ord. #04-87, § 3.604; Ord. #16-89)