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In order to make specific housing available to an individual with a disability, a disabled person and/or their authorized representative may request reasonable accommodation relating to the various land use, zoning, or building laws, rules, policies, practices and/or procedures of the City. A request for reasonable accommodation in laws, rules, policies, practices and/or procedures may be filed at any time that the accommodation may be necessary to ensure equal access to housing. If an individual needs assistance in making the request for reasonable accommodation, or appealing a determination regarding reasonable accommodation, the Community Development Department will endeavor to provide the assistance necessary to ensure that the process is accessible to the applicant or representative. The applicant shall be entitled to be represented at all stages of the proceeding by a person designated by the applicant. If the project for which the request is being made also requires some other planning or building permit or approval, then the applicant shall file the request together with the application for such permit or approval. (Ord. #2014-171, § 33)