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That the purpose and intent of the Council with respect to the Project Area is to accomplish the following:

a. Eliminate blighting influences and correct environmental deficiencies in the Project Area, including, among others, mixed and shifting land uses, obsolete and aged building types, incompatible and uneconomic land uses, and inadequate or deteriorated public improvements;

b. Assemble land into parcels suitable for modern, integrated development with improved pedestrian and vehicular circulation in the Project Area;

c. Replan, redesign and develop undeveloped areas which are stagnant or improperly utilized;

d. Provide opportunities for participation by owners and tenants in the revitalization of their properties;

e. Strengthen retail and other commercial functions in the Project Area;

f. Strengthen the economic base of the Project Area and the community by installing needed site improvements to stimulate new commercial/industrial expansion, employment and economic growth;

g. Provide adequate land for parking and open spaces;

h. Establish and implement performance criteria to assure high site design standards and environmental quality and other design elements which provide unity and integrity to the entire Project; and

i. Expand and improve the community’s supply of low- and moderate-income housing. (Ord. #26-90, S1)