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a. As hereinafter mentioned in this section, “special event” means, including but without limitation, any assembly or congregation of persons, display, entertainment or demonstration, that is likely to meet any one or more of the following criteria:

1. Be attended by twenty (20) or more people or charges admission to the general public except if the activity occurs as part of a licensed business and the activity is part of the normal business operations;

2. Obstructs, delays or interferes with the normal flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic, or otherwise fails to comply with traffic laws and controls; or

3. Can reasonably be expected to become a hazard to the public peace, health, safety or general welfare as determined by either the Chief of Police, Fire Chief, City Manager or any other public entity that may be impacted by the special event.

4. Utilizes any equipment to amplify sound that has the potential to exceed 65 decibels as measured on the A-weights scale in the American National Standard 5-1.4-1971 or any duly adopted successor thereto.

5. Alcoholic beverages will be sold or consumed in any public place as defined in Section 5-9, Alcoholic Beverages.

6. Temporary placement of banners or signs promoting the event or gathering in accordance with subsection 18-5.402 (h).

7. Promotional activities, including but not limited to amusement rides, fishing tournaments, sidewalk sales, street dances, concerts and live entertainment.

8. Temporary Banners or Signs.

(a) Except when authorized by a written permit from the City Manager, it is unlawful for any person or persons to place a temporary banner or sign advertising or promoting a special event. Applications for a permit shall be submitted to the City Manager following the steps listed in this section. A copy of the permit must be in the possession of a responsible party at all times.

(b) The City Manager may limit such permit as to location, positioning, size, duration and design.

9. Utilizes any public property or right-of-way.

10. Farmer’s Market.

11. Block party.

12. Parade. (Ord. #2008-134; Ord. #2012-153)