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a. The owner of an impounded animal may redeem the animal at any time prior to its legal disposition by providing proper identification, obtaining a dog license or other permit when required under this title and paying all fees and charges for the care, feeding and veterinary treatment of the animal. If the owner fails to pay the required fees or charges, or to obtain any required license or permit, the animal shall be treated as unredeemed by the owner and disposed of in accordance with subsection 7-8.10. Exceptions: If the impounded animal has been the subject of an abatement order, the animal shall not be released unless the owner is willing and able to comply with the terms of the abatement order.

b. The Animal Control Officer may retain an impounded animal for purposes of investigation or prosecution of any violations of this Code, the City of Clearlake Zoning Ordinance or the laws of the State. If a request for redemption is made by the owner of the animal, the costs of the continued impoundment of the animal from the date the request for redemption is made shall be borne by the City. The owner of the animal may appeal the continued impoundment of the animal within five (5) working days after a request for redemption is denied by the Animal Control Officer. A hearing shall be set before the Animal Hearing Officer within five (5) working days of the filing of the appeal. (Ord. #03-87, S12)