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a. Notwithstanding the provision of subsection 7-8.5, an Animal Control Officer may immediately seize and impound an animal for any of the following reasons:

1. The animal is at large; is otherwise in violation of this section or is considered a vicious animal and immediate impoundment of the animal is authorized;

2. Whenever the owner and/or possessor consents to immediate impoundment of the animal;

3. The Animal Control Officer reasonably believes that immediate impoundment is necessary for preservation of the public’s health or safety, the safety of other animals or the animal involved. Relevant factors in making this determination include whether the animal has attacked and caused serious bodily injury to a person or animal, whether the owner and/or possessor has suffered or permitted the animal to run at large and whether the animal owner and/or possessor is immediately willing and able to confine the animal as required in subsection 7-8.2.

b. Whenever an animal is immediately impounded the Animal Control Officer shall comply with the procedures for immediate impoundment specified in subsection 7-8.8 of this Code. (Ord. #03-87, S6)