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a. Nothing in this section shall be construed to allow or permit any person, firm or corporation to erect or construct a structure on property other than the property owned or leased by the person, firm or corporation without the written consent of the owner of the property.

b. Part 1.5, Division 13, Health and Safety Code of the State of California, known as “The State Housing Law", is hereby adopted by reference, and enforced whenever it is found the aforementioned Codes do not meet the minimum standards of “The State Housing Law.”

c. Part 2.1 of Division 13 of California Health and Safety Code, “The Mobile Home Parks Act”, is hereby adopted by reference.

1. Mobile homes and accessory structures for the mobile home on private lots shall conform to the requirements of Division 13, Part 2.1, California Health and Safety Code (commencing with section 18200).

d. All liquefied petroleum gas installations shall comply with the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) Standard 58 for the storage and handling of any LP gas, LP gas containers smaller than 120 gallons can be placed next to a structure and must be located at least five (5') feet from any property line. LP containers larger than 120 gallons must be located at least ten (10') feet from any structure and property line.

e. All fuel oil tanks and fuel oil appliance installations shall comply with the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) Standard 31 for the installation of oil burning equipment.

f. No electric service shall be installed on a vacant or unimproved lot or parcel prior to the commencement of construction of the principal structure or of an accessory structure on a lot abutting Clear Lake and Cache Creek in accordance with subsection 18-5.104.55, excepting electric service is permitted to well pumps for agricultural irrigation purposes only located on a parcel a minimum size of one (1) acre.

g. Elevators shall be installed in exclusive senior housing which is multi-story and contains more than thirty (30) units of housing. The construction of the elevators shall meet the requirements of Title 8, California Code of Regulations. This requirement shall apply only to structures constructed after the effective date of this paragraph.

h. No building permit shall be issued until the following clearances and approvals are provided by the applicant:

1. Clearlake Planning Department approval of a zoning clearance permit.

2. City Engineer or his/her designee review and approval of any required permits or clearances for erosion control, encroachments, grading and floodplain management.

3. Lake County Environmental Health Department issuance of a sanitation permit on those parcels serviced by a private on-site sewage disposal system.

4. Lake County Environment Health Department issuance of a clearance or approval to connect on those parcels serviced by a community sanitary sewer system.

5. Lakeshore Fire Protection District review and approval and payment of the development impact fees.

6. Payment of the school impact fees to the Konocti Unified School District.

7. Lake County Lakebed Management review and approval of any structure located in the Shore Zone as defined in Chapter 23 of the Lake County Code.

i. No final inspections or temporary occupancy inspection shall be scheduled until the following departments and agencies have issued releases for the project.

1. City of Clearlake Planning Department.

2. City of Clearlake City Engineer or his/her designee.

3. Lake County Department of Environmental Health.

4. Lake County Special Districts.

5. Lakeshore Fire Protection District.

6. Lake County Lakebed Management District.

j. The Building Official may grant a Temporary Occupancy Permit for the purpose of allowing property owners the ability to move into a structure prior to the completion of a building project. A Temporary Occupancy Permit shall only be granted when it can be shown that occupancy will not endanger the health and safety of the occupants or public. Cash security shall be deposited with the City in a non-interest bearing trust account in the amount of one and one-half (1 1/2) times the estimated cost of improvements not completed at the time of temporary occupancy. The estimated cost shall be determined by the department head in charge of the requirement. Upon completion of the building project, the owner may apply for a refund of the cash deposited with the City. A cost equal to the approximate cost of processing the request shall be added to the permit deposit at the time of request. This cost is nonrefundable. (Ord. #2007-133)