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As used in this section, the following definitions shall be used:

BUILDING means any physical edifice that is built or installed and is located on and affixed to the land and used for or intended for supporting or sheltering any commercial use or occupancy. The terms “building” and “structure” shall be synonymous and shall include any portion thereof. The term “building” does not include residential buildings or structures.

DEPARTMENT means the Police Department of the City of Clearlake.

ENFORCEMENT OFFICIAL means the City Manager, the Building Official, the Chief of Police and/or their designees authorized to enforce this section.

EVIDENCE OF VACANCY means any condition that on its own or combined with other conditions present would lead a reasonable person to believe that the property is vacant. Such conditions may include, but are not limited to, overgrown and/or dead vegetation, utilities turned off, statements by neighbors, passers-by, delivery agents or other officials, lack of response to notices, returned or forwarded mail, unsecured doors, absence of, or condition of, personal belongings on the property, habitation by trespassers, lack of marketing for purposes of selling or renting property, etc.

PROPERTY OWNER means the owner or owners of record of real property as shown on the latest equalized assessment roll of Lake County and any person, partnership, co-partnership, association, corporation, beneficiary in a deed of trust, fiduciary, including a trustee or substitute trustee, or any other legal entity having a legal or equitable interest in the subject property as otherwise known to the Enforcement Official by virtue of more recent and reliable information, including any beneficiary that is pursuing foreclosure of a property subject to this section secured by a mortgage, deed of trust or similar instrument or a property that has been acquired by the beneficial interest at a trustee’s sale. The terms “owner” and “property owner” shall be synonymous, except where specified.

VACANT BUILDING means a building that shows evidence of vacancy, including where substantially all lawful business or construction activity or occupancy has ceased, or which is substantially devoid of contents. Property shall be considered vacant if business operations are conducted daily on less than ten (10%) percent of the overall square footage of the building. (Ord. #230-2019, S2)