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a. Permit Required – Application. The owner of a proposed commercial cannabis facility shall file an application for a use permit with the Community Development Department on a form provided by the City. The City does not limit the number of permits for commercial cannabis facilities as long as the location of the facility is within an area allowed for in the Commercial Cannabis Combining District Map. Every completed application shall be filed with a filing fee established by resolution of the City Council.

b. The application shall include the name and address of the owner and lessor of the prospective cannabis business premises and a copy of the lease or other such proof of the legal right to occupy and use the premises and a statement from the owner or agent of the owner of the real property where the facility will be located demonstrating the landowner has acknowledged and consented to permit the cannabis business to operate on the property, and all other information required by the Community Development Department use permit application checklist.

c. Cannabis Business Regulatory Permit. No person or entity shall operate a cannabis business facility within the City of Clearlake without first obtaining a cannabis business regulatory permit from the City. The regulatory permit shall be site specific and shall specifically identify the cannabis business activities that will be allowed at that site. No cannabis business activities will be allowed unless specifically identified in the regulatory permit. In addition, all persons or entities who undertake any subcomponent of a cannabis business performed by a subcontractor or tenant of the holder of a cannabis business use permit within the cannabis business permitted premises shall first obtain a cannabis business regulatory permit from the City. (Ord. #229-2019, § 4 (Exh. A); Ord. #246-2020, § 3)