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a. Funds collected from development impact fees shall be used for the purpose of at least one (1) of the following:

1. Paying the actual or estimated costs of construction and/or improving the public facilities within the City to which said specific fee or fees relate, including any required acquisition of land or rights-of-way therefor;

2. Reimbursing the City for the development’s share of those public facilities already constructed by the City or to reimburse the City for costs advanced, including without limitation administrative costs incurred with respect to a specific public facility project;

3. Reimbursing other developers who have constructed public facilities described in Section 3-8.2 where those facilities were beyond that needed to mitigate the impact of said developer’s project or projects.

b. Planning costs associated with the fee program, including updating the fees.

c. If bonds or similar debt instruments are issued for advanced provision of public facilities for which development impact fees may be expended, impact fees may be used to pay debt service on such bonds or similar debt instruments to the extent that the facilities provided are of the type to which the fees involved relate.

d. Funds may be used to provide refunds as described in Section 3-8.9. (Ord. #247-2020, S2 (Exh. A))